News and Events

1. GOOD NEWS! our Covenant Hour of Prayer holds from Monday - Saturday from 6.30am - 7.30am via Teleconference. Teleconference Number: 605-475-4700, Access Code: 1071087#

2. WINNERS SATELLITE FELLOWSHIP! - Our brand of house to house fellowship holds at the respective locations this Saturday. The time is from 5pm to 6:00pm. Every true Winner and Member of this Church MUST belong to WSF. Please don't miss it.

3. MIDWEEK COMMUNION SERVICE holds this Wednesday. We shall all be waiting on the Lord in prayer and fasting as we gather at 6pm to break with the communion in the Church. It shall be a time of supernatural encounters with God for all participants. Time 6.30pm.

4. Praise the Lord! Next Sunday July 2nd, 2017, shall be our End of the Month Special Thanksgiving/Marriage and Children Dedication for the month of June. It shall also double as our COVENANT FAMILY DAY. Every issue of concern in families shall be turned into testimonies. Come along with your family members, but for those who may not be in town, come along with their pictures for prophetic intervention. Come expecting definite encounters with the prophetic Word for your change of story. Service holds at 10:15am.

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Books of the Month


Authored by Bishop David Oyedepo

* Walking in the Miraculous
* Operating in the Supernatural
* Releasing the Supernatural

* Commanding the Supernatural